PTCahaya Qorrindo Sejahtera - Jual Styrofoam Box dan Botol PET

Box Styrofoam

Selling Styrofoam Box 

 Cahaya Qorrindo Sejahtera is a Styrofoam Box Supplier which is a box made from Styrofoam. Sell styrofoam boxes which are usually used as a storage container for various types of food and drinks at low / cold temperatures. Styrofoam Box is a thick, lightweight box that is easy to carry anywhere. Styrofoam Box is often used to store Cold Drinks, Ice Cream, Vegetables, Fresh Fish, Fresh Meat, Froozen Food and others. Styrofoam Box is able to maintain a very good temperature, so this box is one of the choices for food and beverage entrepreneurs. We sell various types of Styrofoam Boxes of various types and sizes of quality at the best prices.

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