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Brown Envelope F4
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IDR 45000.00

Specification of

Brown Envelope

Uk. 35 cm x 24 cm

Brand : MDM

This envelope is very familiar to everyone, both office workers, students, parents, children and even unemployed who are looking for work, hehe ^-^

This envelope will make easier for you to store important documents. So that your documents will not be lost somewhere hehe ^-^

This envelope is perfect for those of you who have a photocopy business or for office needs and personal needs

---Cheapest Guaranteed---

Why buy more expensive ones, if there are cheaper ones with the same quality

Open : Monday - Saturday

Sundays and National : Holiday

Note :

We accept the needs of office stationery products in large and small parties

For stock availability, negotiable prices and more info..

Please chat us ^-^

Thank you

Happy Shopping and Be Smart ^-^

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