PTCahaya Qorrindo Sejahtera - Jual Styrofoam Box dan Botol PET

PET Bottle Pump

A bootle is a container or place to store a liquid or gel. Bottles can be refilled or can only be used once depending on our usage and also the type of material contained in the bottle. Our bottles are bottles with PET or Polythylene Therepthalate base material. This PET can be refilled again with a note that it isi cleaned first before being used or refilled.This bottle pump has a model like a bottle cap that has a slight snout. Why is the bottle cap designed a little snout, because to make it easier for us to remove the contents of the liquid or gel that is in our bottle without us touching the liquid by hand directly. We can remove the liquid by pressing the pump or pump available in the bottle.We PT Cahaya Qorrindo Sejahtera provide bottle pumps with various types, colors and sizes, some short or long. With sizes ranging from 150ml to 1 liter. And various color variants.
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