PTCahaya Qorrindo Sejahtera - Jual Styrofoam Box dan Botol PET

Hotel Amenities

Sell ​​Cheap Hotel Amenities Cahaya Qorrindo Sejahtera, Amenities Complete Supplier Hotels. Selling hotel amenities which are all equipment contained in a hotel bedroom which is a facility aimed at making guests more comfortable living in a hotel room. We are a distributor of hotel amenities which are additional equipment that must be provided by hotel management as a complementary requirement when someone uses a hotel room. The general standard of hotel amenities is usually slippers, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and towels. But there are also certain hotels that provide other amenities such as shampoo, comb, pen, bath gel, bath salt, perfume, etc. We provide various types of hotel amenities for the needs of hotels, villas, inns, hospitals, city hotels, guest houses and more. 
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